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ps 0 – in the picture is olga and her debut volume

PS 1. I really like the poem below.

Ps 2 here is blogging Olga Stefan, a poet of great future

ps 3 > I would like to know if you like the poem!!!!!!!!

PS 4 the motto of the text>

I think you need courage to write love poems. pt k at that moment you really get more involved as an author. you place yourself in the center of the text and build it according to your face and likeness. (from an older discussion of ours on mess 🙂

PITFALLS (why we had to sharpen our voices)

nets and traps in the way of my friends
my said and answered misfortunes scald them
in a slender cauldron of a lazy woman
and this is my life a lazy woman lying down
on a bed without bedding
in a kitchen full of dirty dishes.

Every night I dreamed that Elena was exclaiming
olga cut your hair and shaved your eyebrows
I'm in boarding school and touching the walls
on which mada glued blue stars.
Every night I dreamed that a Dacia break parked
on the hot asphalt - the golden crust of your body -
in an indefinitely postponed prelude

you now understand why the hunedoara consumes me
as a spirit drink. why do I want to leave as soon as possible
faster from her deformed belly

and after all, my nightmare never ends here:
with a boyfriend who doesn't come and a sleeping girl
in the bed next to mine. the nightmare is the thermal power plant
a derelict that no longer heats anything in the city
this moth. the nightmare is the fabric of memory intact
like an overcoat taken from mothballs. the nightmare is
the mirrors I can't see and the clones I take care of
like children left to play with me.

don't ask me why I behave like that.
this is how satin blouses are worn
which slips you unwittingly through
sweaty fingers
it's getting easier for me to depend only
of the things that have ceased to mean
something. I serve myself with frozen fish scraps
with agape love in my quiet family.
with the feeling that I had fallen asleep in a virgin room
a room you will never feel protected

at first I ran after something else :
a better selling image a better known name
I lay on my back doing breathing exercises
I was telling myself. Relax girl relax
sleep comes as a salary as a reward as a weekend 3 days.

I quickly realized that
Hunedoara is to blame for loneliness
and for our stuttering.
hunedoara sifted our highlighted feelings and
it forced us to say that nothing is really possible here
that's why I called dan : I think he's leaving here
only those who can run. Dan and I felt helpless.
I only pulled one behind his neck
and he looked at me with wide eyes as in the portraits of Margaret Keane.
and then I would tell him let's go home.

so far
I lived as if under the effect of a sedative
strong. I lined up in the herd.
I sang with the herd. I dreamed the dreams of the herd
and I laughed at their outspoken jokes.

from now on
my happiness will be the stingy mouth of the kid
who whistled for the girls.

it will be the impudence of the insane and the fall of evening
over her shoulders
will be the emptiness in the stomachs of girls who
learn in vain for the Olympics and
school competitions.

so far I have worked hard with my arms from now on
I'll take care of my misfortune with Drosophila
I'm going to draw my memoirs, I'm going to curl my hair

your right-leaning writing overwhelms me with bad ideas.
It's time to shake Dan and tell him
we're trapped here and we can't run.
I take three steps into the hall, dripping with urine. here
you could show off the flesh of songbirds
here you could faint from harm. you don't believe in
afterlife, it is not like that?
I believe in everything that can be believed.

the dogs that sniff you are not food but the flesh of a victim

we each need to bite off
the weakest than us
we all want to be at the end of the food chain
swallows and do not swallow
strong and not small.

so far I've loved you like crazy
and I shouted all the cries

stop playing them
stop playing them

what do you think?
I took it from the beginning for you I lost all the games
love for you I wrote about
the world of theater for the divine bone beneath your flesh
for you
I never caught your taste but I'm happy

in my empty brain the memory of a
a mongoloid cuts shapes into one piece
of toilet paper.
we play a two-color game. we are a pair of ruined and fearful lovers.
the rocket hits my eyelids empty
they blink faster and faster. all the traps I fell into
I automatically grow on my heart.
here you can no longer walk safely. here all the time there are nets
camouflage pits, grease handles with toothpaste, bite the weak

I wipe all the laws I lived in with my sleeves
all the beliefs that have lost me
I sharpen my voice.
I sharpen your voice
hârşt hârşt.

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