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Externally ‘imposed’  conditionality became the vital factor aiding democratization in Bosnia, which questions the ability of the local political forces to engage responsibly in making the state function and thus replace the ‘international protectorate’ status. It is a well known fact that foreign influence (both in symbolical and institutional terms as I showed) has remained the irresistible factor behind democratic transformation of the Balkans.  By accepting and relying intensely on the full ‘tutelage’ of Brussels, Western Balkans continue their double and contradictory identity building process in an Post Identity Era and political framework of institutions (as it is created in Bosnia by the Dayton Agreement), with both Balkanization and Europeanization processes taking place at the same time. Relying on this argument I put forward the conclusive expression that I propose for the contemporary state of the Western Balkans – a space of eternal in-betweeness.

(se pare ca va avea si o continuare sub forma de PhD research la …. Graz daca pronia cereasca ma ajuta !)

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