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Omiedesemne: 4 poezii de Miruna Vlada dintr-un volum aflat în pregătire

Peaceful Government he was born on 17 august 1986 in Bucharest. Formed at the Eurydice Cenacle, which was coordinated by Marin Mincu, debuted in 2004 with the volume Poem extrauterine (Parallel Publishing 45), with a presentation by Angela Marinescu and a preface signed by Octavian Soviany. The book has received several national awards for its debut in poetry.

In the 2007 published the volume at Cartea Românească Publishing House Break between veins, which was accompanied by a CD in the author's reading. In the 2014 it appeared to him, also at Cartea Românească Publishing House, volume Bosnia. sharing, with references signed by Luminița Corneanu and Radu Vancu.

He organized numerous cultural events, moderated poetry readings, book launches in unconventional spaces, debates about poetry, experience inter-art.

Selections from Miruna Vlada's poetry have been translated into English, French, Spanish, celebrate, GERMAN, Italian and Polish. She was invited to public readings in Austria, UK, Belgium, Poland and Germany. It is present in a series of anthologies, along with the best poets of the years 2000.

He studied political science at SNSPA Bucharest, and from 2013 is a doctor of international relations with a research on the Europeanization of Bosnia and Herzegovina. (biobibliographic notes taken from the volume Bosnia. sharing, Cartea Românească Publishing House, 2014)

Mrs. Tina

she was also a mother, but she was also a nurse in a children's hospital with disabilities
she was also a mother, but she also worked as a supervisor at an orphanage for the mentally retarded
she was also a mother, but she also performed abortions on our neighbors in the block during Ceausescu's time

Of the childrentia greyou know who needs it?

my mother sometimes brought me home, in a net,
all refusals. I made a pillow out of them.

Mrs. Tina sometimes meets newborn children on the street
now 40/ 50 year old, now formidable adults
just born
because she didn't want to have that abortion again. her refusal was their life.

either she was too tired, either those families did not have enough money, maybe she didn't feel like it.

if he knew who I was, when they pass her impassively in the Sunplaza mall,
it could caress their scalp or bite their carotid. it depends on how she woke up that morning.

Mrs. Tina, just like a bunch of influential security guards or activists
he was a kind of little god in Ceausescu's time, and

God also wakes up with his face to the sheet sometimes.

Do you close your eyes a little when usingI'll tell you?

Mrs. Tina was taking lives and giving lives,
from a simple movement of the forearm. this is the lesson of great and small dictators
what to write on their tombstone

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