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I was conceived around the end of 1985 (I think), and then, in the spring of 1986, there was the Cernobîl disaster and then I was delivered in this thing called life in August, at the maternity of the Municipal Hospital in Bucharest. I have two older brothers. I was raised in the countryside, in Provița de Sus, Prahova County in South Eastern part of Romania. I came to Bucharest to start school. I spent all my childhood in the Berceni neighbourhood, behind the big blocks of flats. I was not very sociable. I attended many Olympiads and school competitions, I was ultracompetitive and I sought refuge in school (and mostly in high grades), as if it were a drug. I was a nerd and as a reward I graduated the Baccalaurate with the best average grade in Bucharest – the pathetic 9.98. I attended high school at the “Mihai Eminescu” National College in Bucharest, the English bilingual class. I was away from school for almost a year because I suffered a serious surgery in my right leg. Ever since, I carry, with a slight limp, a right hip prosthesis. I have learned poetry from Octavian Soviany and I had attended Marin Mincu’s Euridice Writers Club for almost a decade. During all those late teen years, I felt I was “inside literature”, having the opportunity to read and meet the most important contemporary writers in Romania. And that is how I made my early debut in the poetry magazine Luceafărul, and then in România literară, when I was around 16 years old. In the next 10 years I had published my 3 poetry books: Poemextrauterine, The break between veins and Bosnia.Separation. For 4 years I have been fighting to finish my first novel which is going to be called “Anticoncepțional” (Counterceptive).